Corpse Party - Chapter 5! Part 1!

Good news, I finally decided to start chapter 5! Albeit late, better than never. More good news, I’m playing Corpse Party how it’s meant to be played: having several save files at once. I’ve just now realized the true usefulness behind this because I reached the 'Endless Eight' ending in the tunnels.

Now I have a lot of good screenshots prepared from over two hours of gameplay up to that point, but hopefully I can pick out the best of those for an overall awesome set of 10 for this post. At the time of writing I have 321 screenshots in my screenshots folder totaling around 120MB. Will I clean this folder out? Never!

Of all the screenshots of chapter 5 that I have I cannot post all of them as they’re saved throughout the progress of my play (such as before going into the incinerator) but linear screenshots were managed!

As far as name tags go, at the time of writing of course, I’m missing 12 of 84. One tag in chapters 2 and 3 and 10 in chapter 5. I’ve been replaying earlier chapters to get the alternate and extra endings so cool beans.

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