Dammit Corpse Party!

Honestly with my short-lived (ha!) play of Chapter 4 I managed to take quite a bit of screenshots.

So today I decided to pick up on my quest to complete chapter 4 (see: little time to play)!

Then: Up until this point, 25 minutes in, I had already discovered Naomi and that other girl hanging in the stalls. Ultimately I had failed to save Naomi from hanging, so I’m not sure if that influenced the plot at all.

Pro Tip: You’ll never have enough time to get something to help (like buckets) before anybody dies, just look at chapter 1.

Now: After talking to that crazy girl in the Infirmary and realizing simply reentering activated her event I was in business. I didn’t think anything of it first, so when she asked if I was there to kill her I happily replied ‘Yes’, resulting in her stabbing me and obtaining a Game Over and an ending unlocked! Fair enough, I saved before doing this (not knowing I would be unable to NOT answer) so not all was lost. I repeated this and said no, still resulting in a stabbing but holy shit dramatic irony - good thing I picked up those future diaries cell phones. This is where my problem begins: I’m now stuck at getting a certain ending. Namely the Bonus Ending of Ms. Whatsherface returning. How is this a problem? As I said, I’m stuck. After trying for a long while (5 minutes) to avoid this I deemed it impossible and there goes the first 25 minutes of the chapter - wasted. Also during the second time of trying to avoid the ending I loaded MP3Play Lite and was listening to rock/techno whilst spamming X, the game totally lost the musical edge over me.

Future: I’ll leave the save there for now and start a new file in the hopes that someone can possibly tell me how to avoid the Bonus Ending. But all is not in vain, I managed to take some screenshots to satisfy the gory thirsts of tumbland. Apparently there’s a lot more content in chapter 4 because I only got about four name tags out of what seems to be 20 to 25 total, so screenshots galore might be possible!

Feel free to animate these for hentai purposes:

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