Corpse Party sequel is set for release soon, might do the same thing I did originally with my Corpse Party playthrough. Or stream gameplay live, which is a better option.

Who knows! We’ll see upon the release.

Also I may or may not resume inking and/or using my tumblr more frequently.

Source: Black Lagoon - Episode 2

Output Resolution: 3000x1947 (dropbox)

It’s been a long time, how have you been? Er, sorry. I’m not GLaDOS!

Some might say I’ve been on hiatus, I beg to differ. Since I get no requests to ink something I don’t really have motivation to. I installed Flash CS5 on my new netbook today and thought “Hey, I should ink something!” and here we are. I’m considering starting up Ink Day again between me and some friends too which would result in more inks getting up.

Like it? Let me know, and suggest something for me to ink!
Other updates:

  • Corpse Party OVA was awesome, series when?
  • Toonami’s been good.
  • This list isn’t as customizable as I wanted it.
  • Black Lagoon isn’t that popular sayeth tag search.
  • Maybe I should ink some Boku no Pico.
  • Bitches love long lists.
  • The images below link to my previous inks!

RePod InkThe Place Promised in Our Early Days - Hiroki FujisawaSony - PlayStation LogoPanty and Stocking - Stocking

Source: The Place Promised in Our Early Days

Output Resolution: 3000x1799 (dropbox)

Posting with less than 10 minutes left in Ink Day, perfect! To get into specifics, I started this at 4:30pm and was overall rushed through it to meet the midnight deadline. In doing so a lot of quality was skipped over not like I could ever best the artistic quality of the studio, but in the end it doesn’t look that bad because of it. And that’s all I have to say really…

RePod InkSony - PlayStation LogoPanty and Stocking - StockingCanaan - Canaan

Source: Sony PlayStation Logo

Output Resolution: 3000x2164 (dropbox)

Alternate Versions: Play (dropbox), Station (dropbox)

Did this back in… November? Was done along a slew of logo vectors that were requested around that time including the Nintendo Gamecube logo. Although I probably butchered most of the curves, I tried to conform with said curves and upon conclusion I even tried to customly fill in the S but it was not looking proportionally right but I included a somewhat complete version as an alternate.

RePod InkPanty and Stocking - StockingCanaan - CanaanDaily Lives of High School Boys - Literature Girl

Source: Panty and Stocking - Episode 4

Output Resolution: 3000x1687 (dropbox)

Alternate Version: Original (dropbox)

My first Stocking, PSG, and personally top-notch ink I did. Although very old, I noticed I had posted the icon up on my Ink page and thought it was about time it got out there. About the lack of inks lately, I’m lazy and don’t have too much made. The good news is that Ink Day is next Saturday so that’s a confirmed post.

Difference between the original and the one used in this post is the ‘lens flare’(?) above Stocking’s sword which I had neglected to realize at the time, but before posting this I did a quick edit and did custom fill-ins for the gaps left over.

Unfortunately I have no more source information because the file’s name was that of a 4ch hash and I’m too lazy to Thank Santa for reverse image searching.

RePod InkCanaan - CanaanDaily Lives of High School Boys - Literature GirlGhost in the Shell - Laughing Man Logo

Source: Canaan - Episode 3

Output Resolution: 3000x1893 (dropbox)

Alternate Version: Stencil (dropbox)

Whoops, I skipped two ink releases! Regardless, today being the last Saturday of the month was Ink Day and as such I inked something! What this something turned out to be was an anime not too old, but the animation quality could have been a lot better (panning frames blur like mad). Fun fact, I started this around 7AM when I woke up and due to procrastination and an excess of lines in the source (using my better quality inking method) I finished at 7:30PM! I also felt like playing some Carmen Sandiego which didn’t feel like cooperating on Windows 7 x64.

RePod InkDaily Lives of High School Boys - Literature GirlGhost in the Shell - Laughing Man LogoNeon Genesis Evangelion - Asuka

Source: Daily Lives of High School Boys - Episode 5 - Literature Girl

Output Resolution: 3000x2310 (dropbox)

So today’s scheduled ink was about 8 to 9 hours late it seems, but here’s a brand new one (made within the past few hours) I finished to make up for it! As per request of IRC person Rolo, it happened and that’s all I have to say about it really.

RePod InkGhost in the Shell - Laughing Man LogoNeon Genesis Evangelion - AsukaPokemon - Deoxys

Source: Ghost in the Shell - GoogleImages-fu!

Output Resolution: 3000x2690 (dropbox)

Alternate Version: Stencil (dropbox)

Now if I did the text in Photoshop, I might have had something. But no, I did each letter by hand, no copypasta, and they probably look like utter crap! Regardless, doing this by hand proved to be very interesting and I was satisfied that I even had enough patience to do all the letters! Overall pretty easy without the letters.

RePod InkNeon Genesis Evangelion - AsukaPokemon - DeoxysPokemon - Gold

Corpse Party - Chapter 5! The end!

Full size: Insert 9, else right-click and ‘View Image’ or what is applicable.

And so, I bring my dedicating adventuring in this game to an end.

Being the trigger happy person I am, at the end of it all I’ve taken 684 screenshots totaling 249MB. These did not come cheap at the high price of constantly filling up the memory stick with all the awesome going on, and there might even be a few duplicates, but they’re there and I’ll probably archive them to look back upon.

Here’s hoping I can pick the best out of these screenshots. To help expedite this post I decided to stack relevant screenshots into a composition as I have approximately 300 screenshots for this chapter.

For all my previous Corpse Party posts, chronologically, please check the following links:

Chapter 1, Ending 1 and mini-review.

Chapter 2, Ending 1 and mini-review.

Chapter 3, Ending 1.

Chapter 4, Ending EX.

Chapter 4, Ending 1.

Chapter 5, Ending 8.

Chapter 5, Ending 4.

With that, I thank all the people who stuck with me to the end. Likes and reblogs gave me some motivation along the lines of “hey, people actually like this!” and “if they like it, obviously it must be good!” But now it seems I’m running dry of Corpse Party content, so until XSeed releases the sequel or I pick up the PC versions, any ideas on what I could play next?

Corpse Party - Chapter 5! Part 2!

Brilliant, still missed the true ending! Something must be wrong with me.

I did have quite a laugh at this ending though. Although one thing I did notice though is I never had a chance to obtain marble statue, dammit Yoshiki!

I also believe I’m slowly piecing together what needs to be done for the true ending. Current guess is have Yoshiki go with Ayumi the first time, this stops him from turning to the Darkening and Ayumi from becoming a psychotic bitch. From here, Yuka would have to die since Kizami is still running around. And if my other guess is correct, the human bust in the east wing would be the second statue needed for the mysterious door.

Name Tag Status: 73 out of 84, unless I counted wrong.

Breaking news (mere minutes later): I think finding all of Naho’s notes are important, since I backtracked downstairs before going into the incinerator and found the third one, so I’m working back through my save with Yoshiki/Ayumi together and Yuka alive. Let’s see how this goes. Paydirt!

More breaking news (more mere minutes later): I was right, because I walked back towards the incinerator then the blood shot up across the windows! And got the third ending, so making progress! Intentionally got caught in the room, so… I thank the programmers for their intentions also of horrible following AI.

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